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Cooper’s hawk

Lovely walk in the wash, crisp wind and snow on the mountains.

Mariposa Lily

Amy, Tweety and I took a hike up to Romero pools and saw lots of beautiful wildflowers.

Dassie in Capetown

Also saw baboons and penguins on this trip, and a beautiful Fynbos garden.

Northern Flicker

Stinson beach, on the Dipsea trail, making a racket.

Vulture north of Stinson Beach

We took a hike along the cliff tops then inland to Bear Lake. Vultures and seagulls were gliding on the updraft.

Paintbrush near Three Divide Lakes

We took a hike up in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, in some high alpine lake country east of Kamas.

Red-tailed Hawk in Park City

This hawk was soaring above us as we took the walk down the railroad path. We also saw Red-winged Blackbirds by the marsh.


Western Screech Owl

This owl has taken up residence under the eaves of our roof.

Which flycatcher?

It’s very hard to distinguish the Ash-throated Flycatcher from the Brown-crested Flycatcher. Here’s another shot:

Kestrel departing from saguaro

The spring was cooler than usual and even the June mornings are pleasantly cool in the early morning. This kestrel was watching from the saguaro, but didn’t like me taking a photo. Also saw a fine pyrrhuloxia in a palo verde tree.