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Cactus wren

Saw this one singing full-throated. It’s the first sign of spring, the cactus wren’s starting to sing after the winter solstice.

You have no mail

I spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s catching up with some really old email, and for a few hours on New Year’s Eve had an empty inbox.

Dead coyote

I’ve been passing by his corpse for the last couple of months.


Amy gave Abby a jar of rocks, one of which was a gift rock to summit hut, but the best trick was the pair of mom jeans she gave Nell, which had her in state of horrified disbelief for a few seconds. The Indiks came for lunch as usual.

Walk around the bay with the McMani

Had a nice time with John going over all his old treasures, which I took video of. Took a pre-Christmas walk down around to wreck bay with the McMani, coming back up the road to the Suspension Bridge in the dusk. Then flew back home on Christmas Eve.

Wellington botanical gardens

New Zealand brook

In Tongariro National Park, North Island, on the high plateau surrounding the two volcanoes.

Sparrow taking off

Lots of water in the wash this morning. I’m not sure if the photo is of it, but I saw a probable Rufous-crowned Sparrow this morning, a flock of them, with a two-pattern call, a lower cheep-cheep-cheep followed by a higher more rapid trill. Brown crown with grey stripe along the top, grey above the eye.

Nell’s half marathon

Nell has been making up for a year in France by running, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and, in this photo, running a half marathon. We were almost bad parents, and almost turned back because of strange car behavior, but just managed to arrive in time on a Sunday morning to see Nell turn the corner for a long loop around to the finish line at the school in Marana. We took a short cut and saw her cross the finish line. She had started out by Biosphere 2. Claire Fisher, with whom Nell had been training, also finished.