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Fall Catclaw Acacia pods

The walk is festooned with these in gorgeous red and yellow, glowing in the early morning fall light.

Sally’s band concert

We are not very good band parents, but we did go to this concert to see Sally’s band’s new routine, with the color guard twirling billowing yellow, orange, and crimson. Jessica’s mother Jane was there as well.

Cooper’s Hawk with tail spread out

Cool is returning to the morning walks. This hawk was particularly close to me and didn’t seem to mind me walking around. Earlier I had seen him swoop down to the ground, but didn’t see what it was he wanted to catch.

Liberating the landscaping

Well, I did spend most of the wedding weekend, last weekend, in the hotel room, but I got the book in on time, thanks to some very late nights and lots of help from Eric and Elliot. The wedding was very well done, in a beautiful second floor room at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, large space with revealed steel structure and a grand window onto Brooklyn evening. The ceremony was conducted by a Humanist … minister? No, that can’t be right. Anyway, she was from the Humanist Society, which has an official ceremony, useful for people who want the sacred but not the divine. She had a nice deep voice. Even the Khalil Ghibran reading, which I was dreading, was surprisingly beautiful and appropriate. Maybe I should take a look at him again. The band was excellent, really knew how to get the crowd on their feet and keep them there.

This weekend was deliciously cool and Amy and I leapt out into the garden to pull the cages off the landscaping, rake the leaves, and generally do some long overdue cleanup.