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This coyote came through the yard this morning just before I set out on my walk. The wash was full of birds and bird calls this morning. An American Goldfinch at the north end of the wash [April 3: confirmed from the song]; just after he flew off, a Harris’s Hawk flew in with his breakfast, and perched on a telephone pole. I wonder if it was the goldfinch. He was a glorious red-brown in the morning sun.

Coming back the other side I saw some Black-tailed Gnatcatchers, restlessly hopping around in an acacia tree, with black caps and bright white eye-rings, making a wheezy chi cha cha call. And another bird, upright like a flycatcher, with a dark mask and yellowish grey cap, grey body. I couldn’t identify it; it could possibly be an immature Vermilion Flycatcher, although this seems unlikely.

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About Bill McCallum

I was born in Australia and came to the United States to pursue a Ph. D. in mathematics at Harvard University, met my wife, and never went back. I am a professor at the University of Arizona, working in number theory and mathematics education.


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